Friday, 12 April 2013

History in the making!

Hello everyone!

We all hope that you have had a bright beginning to the year - perhaps you are all having life experiences that will create stories that will be re-told for decades to come?

2013 has already been a huge year and will surely only get bigger and more eventful. The stories of the year are hopefully inspiring you all to recall interesting memories from your past and we hope that you can continue to share your amazing stories!

Maybe the crazy weather that we've been having recently will ignite you all to remember personal experiences of strange occurrences of weather from years before? This is by far some of the strangest weather that I have experienced in my life, but we're sure that some of your stories could easily top it!

Perhaps the big news of the week, Margaret Thatcher's death, will rekindle your memories of how she affected your lives whilst living under her leadership as Prime Minister? For better, or for worse...

Or how about the recent announcement that has given details of the events to take place in Liverpool next month to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the Battle of the Atlantic? We would love to hear your experiences of life during the longest military campaign of World War II. Or if we're lucky, we may possibly even hear stories from military personnel who made first-hand contribution to the war efforts?

Yes, there has certainly been history in the making already this year which has hopefully inspired you all!

Thank you, we hope that you continue to have a brilliant year, and keep those captivating stories coming on


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