Monday, 1 July 2013

Recent goings on!

Last week we saw the first episode of  children of the war’ series being uploaded onto the People Stories website. The series combines archive footage and images with recorded interviews, which are held at a location in Liverpool. In the first episode we meet Frederick Eccleston, Fred is originally from Bootle but now resides in Bebbington, he tells us of a time which many of us are completely unaware of.
Mark, who created the video with the help of Robert, is looking for more stories in which to add to the ‘children of the war’ series. If you or someone you know has a story to tell about the war that we faced on our own soil, here in Liverpool, please do get in touch and we will pass your information on to Mark, who will be more than happy to record your stories so that it can be accessed for many years to come!

Along with the new content on the website we have also had the African Oye festival stop by at Sefton Park again. The festival, which has been going strong since 1992, sees acts from all over the world combine to entertain the Liverpool crowd for two days. The festival (which is completely free!) continues to grow each year, with festival goers coming from all over the British Isles to see, hear and taste what the African Oye festival has in store for them.
If you have any pictures or videos of the festival, upload them! We want to see your personal experience of the African Oye.

Thursday, 30 May 2013

Battle of the Atlantic

Last weekend, Liverpool marked the 70th anniversary of The Battle of the Atlantic. If you attended any events, such as the the Royal Marines Band concert at the Philharmonic Hall, or watched the skies as a Spitfire and Hurricane flew over the waterfront, or simply went to check out some of the warships at The Albert Dock, then we want to hear your stories, see your photographs and watch your videos, here on People's Stories. 

Or if you're a bigger fan of the arts, perhaps you attended Liverpool Light Night a couple of weeks ago, and experienced some of the best culture that the city has to offer in a range of wonderful events, such as Samba in The City, the re-opening of Liverpool Central Library, or a host of other demonstrations and performances in one of many museums in the area.

Yes, whatever you got up to in the jam-packed month of May (the lucky ones would have seen as much as possible!), we want to know about and see as many of your memories as possible!

Thank you all and have a brilliant end to the month and beginning to the new!


Thursday, 9 May 2013

Lest We Forget

With just over two weeks to go until the commemoration events for The Battle of the Atlantic begin in Liverpool, People's Stories anticipates potential stories and memories to be recalled, hoping to hear about what it must have been like to experience the campaign firsthand, be you merchant, military or civilian. 

As well as that, we would love to hear what events you plan on attending during the commemoration, which runs between the 24th and 27th May. The 70th anniversary is hosting a range of events, including a parade and fly-past, a Charity Royal Marines Band concert at the Philharmonic Hall, and up to 25 ships from a host of different countries to converge on the city - will you be attending any of the events, or perhaps all of them? If so, please do remember to take plenty of wonderful photographs and upload them to the site!

Thank you for reading and be well!


Thursday, 25 April 2013

Keep 'em coming!

Greetings all, we hope you are well!

With the shortage of stories being posted to 'People's Stories: Liverpool Lives' we can only assume one thing - you are all out there creating new and captivating memories to share as the year goes by.

But sharing some oldies wouldn't hurt, as we are positively sure that you all have an awful lot more stories to tell to one another. Everyone at Hurricane Films are desperately anticipating our next historical fix!

With another Hillsborough inquest due, perhaps you have some stories to share relating to the terrible tragedy? Were you, or a loved one or friend there on the day? Have you been directly affected by the aftermath, or maybe contributing to the defiant efforts to seek out justice? Or maybe you just want to pay your respects and condolences, remembering what it was like to read about it in the papers, or seeing coverage on the news. 

The weather has stopped being as wacky and wild, and the sun has been shining. Has the sudden burst of sunshine and lack of rain re-jogged your memories to recall nostalgic childhood memories?

Whichever one of the above, or the many other amazing memories you have to share, we would greatly appreciate to hear from all of you, and once again see the site booming with poignant memories of Liverpool's past!

Thank you, and keep well.


Friday, 12 April 2013

History in the making!

Hello everyone!

We all hope that you have had a bright beginning to the year - perhaps you are all having life experiences that will create stories that will be re-told for decades to come?

2013 has already been a huge year and will surely only get bigger and more eventful. The stories of the year are hopefully inspiring you all to recall interesting memories from your past and we hope that you can continue to share your amazing stories!

Maybe the crazy weather that we've been having recently will ignite you all to remember personal experiences of strange occurrences of weather from years before? This is by far some of the strangest weather that I have experienced in my life, but we're sure that some of your stories could easily top it!

Perhaps the big news of the week, Margaret Thatcher's death, will rekindle your memories of how she affected your lives whilst living under her leadership as Prime Minister? For better, or for worse...

Or how about the recent announcement that has given details of the events to take place in Liverpool next month to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the Battle of the Atlantic? We would love to hear your experiences of life during the longest military campaign of World War II. Or if we're lucky, we may possibly even hear stories from military personnel who made first-hand contribution to the war efforts?

Yes, there has certainly been history in the making already this year which has hopefully inspired you all!

Thank you, we hope that you continue to have a brilliant year, and keep those captivating stories coming on


Tuesday, 15 January 2013

New Treasures

Howdy folks,

Hope you had a jolly good Christmas! With the new year comes an opportunity for reflection, to look back at times gone by. In 2013, may we unearth and marvel at many new treasures from the past.

At, the time-capsule of post-war Liverpool is ever-growing, so do make sure to check it out. Maybe you might even have your own memories to donate!