Thursday, 28 October 2010

Launch Day!

Today is the much anticipated launch of the 'People's Stories' website. We've been busy all week, promoting the website and preparing for tonight's launch party. The week started with Bernard Rose and myself going on the Sean Styles show (BBC Radio Merseyside) to talk about the website and Bernard's fantastic photographs. If you missed it you can check it out on BBC iPlayer, but beware of the many 'erms' that come from me - I give Wayne Rooney a run for his money on the 'erm' count!

As well as me and Bernard going on BBC Radio Merseyside, Sol was on the Pete Price show in the evening. Pete played a couple of clips from his interview, where he talks about some of his favourite memories from working at The Shakespeare Theatre. You'll be able to check the interview out pretty soon yourself.

If you're a big listener to local radio, you've probably heard your fair share about the website. Joe McGann was on BBC Radio Merseyside this morning talking about the project and his interview with his mum. As I write this, Sol is downstairs doing an interview for Real Radio. The reason behind all this coverage is simple - we want people to join the website and share their memories. If this website works in the way we hope it will, everyone who contributes will create a live time capsule for Liverpool memories. With this website, we aim to collect the stories and tales that may of been lost in the smokey atmosphere of the pub or shipped out with the many ships that have left our docks. There are some fantastic stories and images already on the site and after today, let's hope the website grows and grows into an open vault in which we can all go to and celebrate this city's fantastic history.

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Interviewing Jonathan Pryce

Alright folks

Well, what's been happening since Matt last kept you updated? The biggest thing without doubt has got to be the interview we did yesterday with Jonathan Pryce. I was really nervous about interviewing someone of his stature. He's not just a great actor, but he's worked with some great film directors, such as Terry Gilliam, Mel Brooks, Martin Scorsese, Alan Parker, John Frankenheimer and Terence Malick. Not only does he boast a pretty impressive CV, but he is also a really nice man. The interview was really good, so keep a look out towards the end of the month for an interview with one of the greats and his time at The Everyman.

Eight days to go...


Friday, 15 October 2010

Just under two weeks until launch!

Good afternoon people,

Things are starting to heat up even more now here at Hurricane Films HQ.  With just under two weeks to go until the official launch of the 'People's Stories: Liverpool Lives' website, we are ironing out the last minute details and preparing everything for the big day.

The weeks are flying by at the moment due to this project and I'm beginning to wonder where the hours are going.  I could really do with an extension to the days, or perhaps I could just try to stay awake for 24 hours every day.  I'm guessing it wouldn't be too great for my health, yet I'm sure I could manage to fit a lot more into my days.  If only....

Anyway, the weekend is coming up so we will all be having a little breather before the hectic week that will follow.  I'm actually off to Birmingham to watch the mighty Villa (yes I'm the lone Villa supporter in the office), whilst most of the others in the office are anticipating the Merseyside derby.  To be fair, I think that will be a stormer of a match.

I hope you all have a great weekend and keep following us on our journey.  Even after the official launch of the website on 28th October, we will continue to come on here and keep you all updated with the exciting goings on here at HQ.  See you all next week!

Matt (Hurricane Films)

Monday, 11 October 2010

Monday, Monday...

Hi folks,

another Monday, another week less to the launch of People's Stories!

The Hurricane-Team hasn't been passive at all. Throwing ourselves into the vibrant nightlife of Liverpool we experienced the importance of our project once more. Future language teachers talking to you in fluent German at the bar and us having rap-battles after clubbing on the Ropewalks stories continue to come up day by day.

Everybody can remember what has happened in the recent past (except after a big night out where one might not be able to tell what exactly has happened last night), but how's things with the last decades? You can't really remember?
No worries. People's Stories is just about to change that. You don't even need any weird construction people might call a time-machine (see picture above).
Adding loads of content everyday the community will soon me ready to be taken over by you! Whether it is pictures, stories or videos, which make you remember the old days...We'll put it online and hope you'll soon do the same and share your reminiscences!

Some famous sons and daughters from the Merseyside will have their say as well. To keep the tension growing we won't reveal all the names yet, but be prepared to watch Liverpool's celebrities tell about their childhood memories for People's Stories!
Less than 3 weeks to go until everything will be available online - just for you.

In the meantime we hope you'll enjoy the 'Indian summer'!

Take care

Christian (Hurricane Films) 

Monday, 4 October 2010

The night of a thousand screams - Beatles homecomming 1964

The Beatles have been the main icons of Liverpool ever since.
But the more successful they were the rarer were their appearances in their hometown.

After infecting the US with the Beatlemania in 1964 John, Paul, Ringo and George made their way back to the Merseyside for one day to attend the northern premiere of “A Hard Day’s Night”.

Arriving at  Liverpool airport the Fab Four made a triumphal return, welcomed by 3,000 fans.
Driven to Liverpool Town Hall in a police cavalcade, with an estimated 200,000 people - roughly a quarter of the city's population - lining the route, hundreds of police officers attempted to restrain the crowds.  Still several times the cordons were breached by screaming fans.

Being 25 minutes late on the schedule a public appearance on the Town Hall’s balcony was accompanied by frenetic screaming of the crowd.

The 10th of July is rooted in Liverpool’s public memory ever since.
Unfortunately photos of the event happen to be very rare.
And this is when People’s Stories comes into play.
We want you to share your personal photos and memories of the Beatles’ homecoming in 1964!

Post them on People’s Stories and  make the past become alive! 

Tell me why i kind of like Mondays.

Another week has begun and we are another week closer to the launch (official) launch of our website Peoples-Stories. Moods are a little tense when it comes to matters away from work this morning in the office. With Villa, Arsenal and Liverpool losing and Manchester United drawing talk of football does not last long, as people try to forget the short comings of their respective clubs this weekend.

On  a working note Peoples-Stories is coming along nicely. We have arranged some more interviews for the upcoming weeks, Jonathan Pryce has agreed to spare us some time in his busy schedule to discuss his memories of Liverpool. Also local historian/author John Belchem is doing an interview for us this week about the history of Liverpool.

The collections section of the website is now up and running and we are going to put some collections up featuring Eric's nightclub and we also have a collection going up of some old black and white photos found in the attic of a house on Linnett Lane. We are going to ask members if they know anyone in the photos. So check them out, they should be up by the end of the day.

Roy has been in the office 2 minutes and has already reminded us young boys of the score from our old vs young 'friendly' match on Friday (young lost by 3 goals, with Roy scoring a hat trick in the last 5 minutes). A quick reminder of the Liverpool result yesterday soon quietened his gloating.

So its all hands on deck for peoples stories. Plus we have some guests from the other side of the pond, movie producers Zack and Bryan have come over from the states to meet producers, designers etc, for a film they are hoping to shoot in the north west.

We also have on going work in the forms of a commercial for an Indian diamond company and our Beatles imersive project that will feature at the upcoming Museum of Liverpool.

for now anyways in the words of Duncan Bannatyne......................Im out!!!!!!!!

Paul (Hurricane Films)

Friday, 1 October 2010

The Return of the Blog

Alright Folks

This is our third blog - which now means we have as many blogs as people reading/following them! Hopefully things will change and people will want to know about the goings on in Hurricane and the shenanigans we get up to when not working really hard on 'People's Stories'.

The main reason behind this blog is that in some miraculous way it helps thrust the 'People's Stories' website up the Google ladder. As for the website, it's looking great in the early stages. What we need now are more people to start sharing their stories.

Over the last two months we've interviewed over thirty people and some of the stories are fantastic. Just because people aren't on the television, radio or in tacky magazines or papers does not mean they have nothing to say. Quite the opposite. Some of the stories we've heard so far are unbelievably good. From people having monkeys as pets to someone having a cheeky pint with George Harrison in The Croc, whilst no-one noticed him!

Friday is payday, so the question bothering everyone (Me and Matt) is where to go for lunch? We usually push the boat out on a Friday and dine in extravagance. Cafe Porto has been a big hit lately - the minestrone soup is superb. However, The Clove Hitch seems like the option of the day - the breakfasts are delightful. The sausages and hash browns make it stand out from the many different full Englishes on offer around town.

As for films, being that we work in a film office. I have come to the logical conclusion that 'Kick-Ass' is the most overrated film of the last ten years.

Take Care