Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Out and about filming interviews....

Hello people,

This is my first blog on here so please be patient as I attempt to learn the ropes and most likely fill your mind with some useless information along the way.

We are all here in the Hurricane offices working our socks off to get the ball rolling on the 'People's Stories' website.  Of course, the project needs contributors on a constant basis, so if you want to tell us a story or two about Liverpool then hop on over to our website (  You'll see us plugging the website a lot but I guess that comes with the territory...

Anyway, on to the main topic of this blog entry.  We are constantly out and about filming interviews around Liverpool.  Today we filmed interviews with Natasha Hamilton (of Atomic Kitten fame) and Mark Moraghan (of Brookside and Holby City fame).  Both of these will be coming to the website soon, so keep an eye out for them!

Well, that's me done for now.



I have been instructed to create a blog for our Hurricane Films latest project. So let me start by explaining who we are and what we do here. We are a film production company from the city of Liverpool now in our 10th year. We have won numerous awards for different projects, one of them being a film we produced called 'Of Time and The City' Directed by Terance Davies. Some of you may have caught this brilliant film on BBC Four on the 26th of Sept (PLUG ALERT = if you happened to miss it you can catch it now on BBC IPlayer).
The film is basically a poetic autobiography of Terance Davie's life growing up in Liverpool narrated by Davies himself and crafted using mainly archive images and films of the city of Liverpool. After the amazing response to the film (Check out the reviews) the 'Of Time and the City'  website was inundated with people sharing there stories about life in Liverpool post 1945.

So we thought we would begin a reminiscence project to kind of expand the template of OTATC. We began at first by focusing on four themes. They are Health, Happiness, Home and Neighborhood. The project snowballed and became much bigger than expected and with a little help from the national heritage fund and other investors we decided to expand the project and create a website for these stories, a kind of facebook for memories of the past if you will.
So we have created the following website which is basically a site where people can share their memories and reminisce about Liverpool post 1945. The memories can be shared in a number of different formats, be it images, film and/or the good old fashioned way, writing them up on there.

At the moment the site is in the BETA stage for you techies so we haven't got the official launch until the 28th of October, but the site is available for use in it's soft launch stage as we iron out any bugs we have, in collaboration with our brilliant designers over at Bellyfeel.

The last few weeks have been pretty hectic. Organising interview's, gathering stories, editing them all together to put the short films on the website. We have all types of stories from different times and places throughout the city and it's recent history. From Eric's nightclub and it's influence to memories of being gay in the city when it was illegal to be that way. Yesterday I (PAUL) spent the day at Bellyfeel in Manchester going over some of the likes/dislikes of the site with our designers and getting to grips with how to moderate the site.

We are adding content to encourage interest and to get the public to share their own stories of Liverpool, focusing on the four themes mentioned earlier, health, happiness, home and neighbourhood.

This blog will be updated as we move towards our soft launch, not always by me but someone here in our office. So go to and share your stories with us.

But for now this is me Paul signing off on behalf of Hurricane Films.